BREACH, the Belgium Research on AIDS and HIV Consortium, is the result of a collaborative effort of the Belgian HIV Reference Centres (HRC) and Laboratories (HRL), scientific research groups and interest organisations in the field of HIV infection and AIDS, aiming to maximise, in all transparency, synergies between its members.

BREACH Administrators:

Mrs AUSSELET Nathalie, Administrator
Mr DE WIT Stéphane, Administrator, President
Mrs DEFOURNY Joëlle, Administrator
Mrs DELFORGE Marie-Luce, Administrator, Secretary
Mr DEMEESTER Remy, Administrator
Mr DUFRASNE François, Administrator
Mr FLORENCE Eric, Administrator
Mr GOFFARD Jean-Christophe, Administrator
Mrs KOECK Ria, Administrator
Mr LACOR Patrick, Administrator
Mr MARTIN Thierry, Administrator, Treasurer
Mr MESSIAEN Peter, Administrator
Mr MOUTSCHEN Michel, Administrator
Mrs VAIRA Dolorès, Administrator
Mr VAN DEN WIJNGAERT Sigimundus, Administrator
Mrs VAN LAETHEM Kristel, Administrator
Mr VAN WIJNGAERDEN Eric, Administrator
Mrs VANCUTSEM Ellen, Administrator
Mr VANDECASTEELE Stefaan, Administrator
Mr VANDEKERCKHOVE Linos, Administrator
Mrs VANROYE Fien, Administrator
Mrs VERHOFSTEDE Chris, Administrator
Mr YOMBI Jean, Administrator