Best Belgian Publications

Darcis G, Bouchat S, Kula A, Van Driessche B, Delacourt N, Vanhulle C, Avettand-Fenoel V, De Wit S, Rohr O, Rouzioux C, Van Lint C.Reactivation capacity by latency-reversing agents ex vivo correlates with the size of the HIV-1 reservoir.
Nicolas Dauby, Mustapha Chamekh, Pierrette Melin, Amy L. Slogrove and Tessa GoetghebuerIncreased Risk of Group B Streptococcus Invasive Infection in HIV -Exposed but Uninfected Infants: A Review of the Evidence and
Possible Mechanisms
Maria F. Flores Herreraa and Nicolas DaubyEye compartmentalization of HIV replication and cataract risk in HIV-infected patients: is there a link?
Vancoillie L, Hebberecht L, Dauwe K, Demecheleer E, Dinakis S, Vaneechoutte D, Mortier V, Verhofstede CLongitudinal sequencing of HIV-1 infected patients with low-level viremia for years while on ART shows no indications for genetic evolution of the virus. 
Jasna Loos, Christiana NoÈstlinger, Bea Vuylsteke, Jessika Deblonde,
Morgan Ndungu, Ilse Kint, Lazare Manirankunda, Thijs Reyniers, Dorothy Adobea,
Marie Laga, Robert Colebunders
First HIV prevalence estimates of a representative sample of adult sub-Saharan African migrants in a European city. Results of a community-based, cross-sectional study in Antwerp, Belgium
Jasna Loos, Christiana Nöstlinger, Thijs Reyniers,
Robert Colebunders, Vicky Jespers, Lazare Manirankunda,
Wim Vanden Berghe, Bea Vuylsteke, Marie Laga
PrEP for African migrants in Europe? A research agenda
François E. Dufrasne , Catherine Lombard, Patrick Goubau  and Jean RuelleSingle Amino Acid Substitution N659D in HIV-2 Envelope Glycoprotein (Env)
Impairs Viral Release and Hampers BST-2 Antagonism


Sebastian Vermeersch , Steven Callens , Stéphane De Wit, Jean-Christophe
Goffard , Marie Laga, Dominique Van Beckhoven & Lieven Annemans
Health and budget impact of combined HIV
prevention – first results of the BELHIVPREV model
C. Baecke, I.C. Gyssens, L. Decoutere, J.C.H. van der Hilst, P. MessiaenPrevalence of drug-drug interactions in the era of HIV integrase inhibitors: a retrospective clinical study
Agnes Ebotabe Arrey, Johan Bilse, Patrick Lacor and Reginald DeschepperPerceptions of Stigma and Discrimination in Health Care settings towards Sub-Saharan African Migrant Women living with HIV/AIDS in belgium: A qualitative Study
Leïla Belkhir, Laure Elens, Francis Zech, Nadtha Panin, Anne Vincent, Jean
Cyr Yombi, Bernard Vandercam, Vincent Haufroid
Interaction between Darunavir and Etravirine Is Partly Mediated by CYP3A5 Polymorphism
Sarah Swannet, Tom Decroo, Sheila M. T. L. de Castro, Caroline Rose, Ruggero Giuliani,  Lucas Molfino, Ana W. Torrens, Walter S. E. D. Macueia, Sharon Perry, Tony Reid, LuxOR, MSFJourney towards universal viral load monitoring in Maputo, Mozambique: many gaps, but encouraging signs